Protect Our Border | Dr. Chris Magiera
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Dr. Chris Magiera will fight to protect the border.

Dr. Chris Magiera will fight to protect the border.

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Securing the Border to Protect the Union

The current invasion along our southern border is a violation of the Law of Nations. 

The Constitution secures for Congress the power to establish an uniform rule of naturalization. Because naturalization begins with immigration, Congress is obligated to pass legislation that protects these United States from those illegally crossing the border. 

To date, Congress has failed to do its part in securing the border appropriately. Dr. Chris Magiera will work to protect American jobs, resources, and families. He’ll vote for legislation aimed at ending illegal immigration and helping Congress acquire funds to secure the border by constructing a wall and enhancing border patrol. 

Join the effort to protect American workers and families.

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“The Congress shall have Power… To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.”

-United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 8

Join Dr. Magiera in restoring the intent of the Founders.


If elected as your Republican representative from the 3rd Congressional District of Indiana, Dr. Magiera will develop legislation guided by the Constitution to help you reclaim your God-given Natural Rigths and secure our borders. 


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